Become a better runner through COVID

In 2020, we’ve all had to change how we approach our run training and strategy. As races have either been cancelled or postponed, we need to put getting faster on hold and instead focus on becoming better runners. Rav Dinge, MD & Head coach of Aloha Tri shares his top 5 tips for becoming a better runner through COVID.  

  1. Begin by incorporating some mobility and stretching sessions into your weekly regime. This will keep you in one piece and make you a more flexible and supple athlete.
  2. Work on the mechanics of your running form. Slow it down and observe the various phases of your running from stride length, foot strike to overall posture.
  3. Consider shortening that stride and increasing your running cadence. Over-striding and heel striking in front of the body slows down your forward momentum.
  4. Mix it up with more dynamic run sessions. Make it fun and throw in some drills or strength exercises in your daily routine.
  5. Motivate yourself – find new goals! Register for a virtual event, challenge yourself to running at a particular speed or even aim for a new 10 km PB. All of these will keep you in top shape for future events and races.

Embrace new challenges, stay healthy and always keep it fun!