Coaching and training support

Open Water Swimming Training

During the season, we are able to offer 1-to-1 and group sessions, which are fully coached via our Open Water Swimming coaching partners.

These are aimed at beginners to the sport of open water swimming and intermediate swimmers looking to improve their skills in the open water for triathlon and distance swimming. If you want personal feedback on your stroke technique or are not confident with swimming in open water, then these sessions are perfect for you.

Triathlon Coaching

After a strange year of no events and less opportunity to train, working with triathlon training coaches could be just what you need to return with confidence.

We have partnered with leading coaching company, Tri N Swim Well, to offer one to one and group (up to 10) coaching and wetsuit hire. Coaching based out of Chelmsford Lake.

For more information

Email Gill and Dawn at  or  give them a call on 01702 547936

Online Training Plans

ATW offers individuals personalised training plans. Whether it’s distance, speed or time your looking to improve we have a plan to suit your needs. Visit our shop to view the options available.

See also our NEWS section full of training articles and advice from fellow athletes and partners.

The KitBrix Bag

Equipment Checklist

For a triathlon you will need:

  • Transition box/bag
  • Wetsuit
  • Goggles
  • Towel
  • Cycling shoes & socks (If wearing)
  • Tri suit or shorts and t-shirt
  • Bike
  • Cycle helmet
  • Trainers (some routes require trail shoes)
  • Nutrition
  • Water bottle
  • Race belt

We provide a swim hat.

Open Water Swimming Kit

We are proud to partner with Zone3, a leading brand in outdoor swimming and triathlon gear offering everything you may need, from wetsuits to neoprene accessories to goggles and tow floats.