A customisable training plan aimed at improving 10k times, available at a 10% discount from ATW.  Purchase the plan and get a unique discount code and link to log in and submit your personal requirements.  Your plan will be built and sent to you within 5 minutes, but normally in less than 2 minutes.


ATW in partnership with The Running Algorithm provide you the personal training plans at a discounted price. You purchase the plan here and you receive an email with a discount code to enter on The Running Algorithm website.

When you input your details into The Running Algorithm, within minutes you will receive your personalised plan detailing a series of training sessions during each week and accompanying distances for those sessions.

The plans are built using an algorithm and can create two orders of magnitude more than five tredecillion different training plans – that’s 5 followed by 44 zeros so you can be sure that your plan is fully customised to help you achieve your objectives.

An example week could be structured as Recovery Run, VO2 Session, Medium Run, Day Off, Tempo Run, Recovery Run, Long Run. Each run contains a different goal and it’s important you have this in mind when heading out the door for your run. The order you complete these sessions is up to you and should be done in the order that best suits your personal schedule. We generally try and avoid doing two hard days in a row as this increases the risk of injury. There is also web app, through which you can track your plans, see your runs.


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