High 5 Recovery Drink – 1.6kg

High 5 Recovery Drink – 1.6kg


High 5 Protein Recovery carbohydrate & protein drink for total recovery after hard exercise. Contains high quality whey protein (26%) to help build and maintain lean muscle as well as rapidly absorbed carbohydrate to replace depleted energy stores.

The Banana Vanilla flavour has been designed to be mixed with milk, whereas the Chocolate and Summer Fruits flavours can be mixed with milk or water. High 5 Protein Recovery is lactose free when mixed with water.



Nutritional information per 66g/400ml serving of High 5 Recovery Drink, values may vary slightly by flavour and will vary depending on whether the product is mixed with milk or water –

•Energy – 244kcal
•Protein – 18g
•Carbohydrate – 45g
•Fat – 0.5g
•Fibre – 0.5g
•Sodium – 348mg

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High 5 Recovery Drink - 1.6kg

Banana Vanilla, Chocolate, Summer Fruits


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