Plant a tree

Plant a tree


Why not take the environmentally friendly choice and plant a tree for your friends and family? With no packaging, postage, or delivery charges each recipient receives a personalised certificate with a photograph and location of their own tree after it is planted. This normally takes up to 3 weeks.  A unique legacy gift helping to save the planet.



Planting trees is one of the very best things you can do for the environment. They suck excess carbon dioxide (the main driver of climate change) out of the air, provide a home for a huge number of species and give us clean air to breathe.  ATW works in partnership with a sustainable forestry organisation in the UK, which plants over 2500 acres of land. All trees are planted to ensure the right tree species is planted in the right place on land that guarantees the tree will be there for years to come.  Your trees will be planted within 3 weeks of your order and you will receive a personalised e-certificate, including a photo of your tree, the species, and what3words location.


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